blood bath bloody mary mix
Born from the seaside cliffs of Encinitas and coming to a patio near you... McDuff’s Mixers focuses on fiery cocktail elixirs that won’t bring you down like the sugary alternatives. Made with real juice, healthy extracts and briny goodness - it’s everything you didn’t know you needed.
Classic bloody mary taste is the name of the game - that’s why we love them. The imposters will try to make up for a weak drink with big flashy accouterments, some “fusion” flavors or an another drink entirely. Our goal is simple - to bring the best tasting bloody mary to your mouth. We have accomplished this by using ingredients that are free from: animal products, gluten or added sugars.
Blood Bath Craft Bloody Mary & Michelada mix is a perfect morning pick me up on the rocks OR poured over your favorite Mexican lager for the slow burning afternoon sun. Whatever your poison, Blood Bath will set you straight.
This is made for the courageous, the strong-willed, the yes-people that champion the night lights and can still kick the next day’s ass.
THIS is the potion for the feel-better go-getter.